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Supported Browsers

**Please Note:** If you want to get real time judge result using Sever-Sent Event, Internet Explorer is not supported! - Internet Explorer 7 and higher version - Google Chrome 6.0 and higher version - Mozilla Firefox 6.0 and higher version - Apple Safari 5.0 and higher version - Opera 11.5 and higher version - Microsoft Edge 12 and higher version

Input and Output

Your program shall read input from stdin(´Standard Input´) and write output to stdout(´Standard Output´). For example, you can use ´scanf´ in C or ´cin´ in C++ to read from stdin, and use ´printf´ in C or ´cout´ in C++ to write to stdout.

Meaning of Judge Results

- **Pending**: The judger is so busy that it can´t judge your submit at the moment, usualy you just need to wait a minute and your submit will be judged. - **Accepted**: OK! Your program is correct! - **Wrong Answer**: Correct solution not reached for the inputs. The inputs and outputs that we use to test the programs are not public (it is recommendable to get accustomed to a true contest dynamic ;-). - **Time Limit Exceeded**: Your program tried to run during too much time. - **Memory Limit Exceeded**: Your program tried to use more memory than the judger settings. - **Output Limit Exceeded**: Your program tried to write too much information. This usually occurs if it goes into a infinite loop. Currently the output limit is 1M bytes. - **Runtime Error**: All the other Error on the running phrase will get Runtime Error, such as ´segmentation fault´, ´floating point exception´, ´used forbidden functions´, ´tried to access forbidden memories´ and so on. - **Presentation Error**: Your output format is not exactly the same as the judger´s output, although your answer to the problem is correct. Check your output for spaces, blank lines, etc against the problem output specification. - **Compile Error**: The compiler (gcc, g++, fpc, etc) could not compile your program. Of course, warning messages are not error messages. The judger reply the actual error message. - **System Error**: Internal error occurred in the judger. Please [report this bug](https**:// to us.

Reason for Compile Error

For Java, the class name must be ´Main´. There are some differences between GNU and MS-VC++, such as: - main must be declared as int, void main will end up with a Compile Error. - i is out of definition after block ´for (int i = 0...) {...}´. - itoa is not an ANSI function. - __int64 of VC is not ANSI, but you can use long long for 64-bit integer.


You can get further help at [GitHub@Wiki](